Who is your Warm Demander role model?

Our foundational strategy for creating a safe classroom at June Jordan School for Equity, and indeed for most everything that we do at JJSE, is a “warm demander pedagogy .” In her inspiring book Multiplication is for White People , Lisa Delpit describes this type of teacher: “Warm demanders expect a great deal of their […]


I woke up at 3 a.m. this week to the sharp sound of firecrackers popping in celebration of Lunar New Year. My first thought was, “What motivated someone to do this?” Other times and places made perfect sense to me– but 3 a.m. in the fog of a random residential neighborhood in San Francisco? And […]

Staff Culture and Climate

Staff Culture and Climate  By: Jessica Huang  There has been a lot of discussion in education circles and mainstream media about how to hold teachers accountable. Do we fire teachers whose students don’t do well on standardized tests? Do we reward teachers whose students do better? Should we give teachers a curriculum to teach, including […]

“No Excuses” or “Restorative Justice”?

If you have any interest in school discipline, you definitely need to listen to this week’s episode of the radio show This American Life. The episode, called “Is This Working?” (#538), provides context around racially disproportionate discipline practices and then explores how discipline works on two extremes of the spectrum—a “no excuses” charter school and […]

Teacher Portrait: Giulio Sorro

For the past several weeks, Americans have been talking about the police shooting of Michael Brown, an unarmed Black teenager, and the resulting protests in Ferguson, Missouri. At Brown’s funeral, his high school teacher Charlie Kennedy described the boy as “kind-hearted, a little kid in a big body.” Kennedy said that Brown was “intimidating looking” […]

Losing Touch

Many new teachers struggle with how to address student disruptions in the classroom. Often they err on the side of permissiveness and undermine student safety, or else they neglect the importance of authentic human relationships. But when handled properly, minor disruptions can provide an opportunity for teachers to set the right tone for the class–one […]

Creating a Taxonomy

Doug Lemov’s book Teach Like a Champion is one of the main sources of inspiration for “The Art of Social Justice Teaching.” The book, which took the U.S. education world by storm four years ago, describes a “taxonomy” of 49 specific teaching practices used by “champion” teachers. The techniques are illustrated with videos, so new […]

Introducing The Art of Social Justice Teaching Project

There is a narrative about U.S. education today which lays the blame for many of our challenges at the feet of our public school teachers. The centerpiece of the Obama Administration’s education policy is forcing school districts to evaluate teachers based on student test scores. Mainstream media reports claim that firing bad teachers is the […]