Oct. 11, 2014: 10:45am -12:30p Room 224  at  Teachers 4 Social Justice Conference 2014 

The Art of Teaching for Social Justice: A Video Project for teacher PD (Grades: 9-University)
This workshop will introduce the community-developed taxonomy of what the staff at June Jordan School for Equity has defined as the six modules for Teaching for Social Justice: Warm Demander, Safe Classroom Community, Teacher as Coach, Students as Intellectuals, Social Justice Curriculum, and Knowledge of Students.  The Roots of Resistance Through video discussion and dialogue, we will give participants a framework for understanding social justice
teaching and an invitation into our larger movement to highlight revolutionary and effective teaching that has been happening in schools for generations. This workshop provides a forum for teachers to explore how to create humanizing spaces which improve educational outcomes for students and help prepare young people to be leaders for democracy. Whether you are a new teacher who is excited about your students’ potential to change the world, or an experienced educator feeling frustrated with wave after wave of ineffective “reforms” which
undermine real learning, we hope you will join us in this struggle.
Facilitator(s): Jessica Huang & Matt Alexander, Co-Directors of June Jordan School for Equity

Nov. 8, 2014: The Art of Social Justice Teaching Invite Only Event

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